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Our History

We take pride in thinking outside the box. Founded in 2016, we celebrate entrepreneurship and encourage creativity. We believe in quality over quantity. Our brokerage is built on strategy and simplicity. Real estate for investors, it's that simple. 

Mackinley (Mac) obtained his real estate license and began working for Commercial Real Estate firms, specializing in retail, office, land and industrial.

Brokerage expanded to open offices in the Tampa Bay and Saint Petersburg markets. 






Principal Broker & Co-Founder, Mackinley, started land acquisitions with a private firm in Central Florida.

After 9 years of transacting as an Advisor, Mac opened The Outlier Group, with its first office centrally located in Orlando, Florida.

The Outlier Group has scaled to oversee 8 talented employees in 5 Florida markets, with sights on expanding nationally.

Brands We've Helped

Why Outlier?

We differentiate our approach through a blend of age old wisdom and innovative strategy. At our core, we are consultants. We provide ongoing expertise, backed by decades of industry experience and education.


We are committed to achieving results, ensuring our partner's portfolios perform exceedingly well in all markets. 

As an Outlier, you will be assured: we have your best investment interest at heart.

Curious how we can help?

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