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Victori Saber

Junior Advisor

Victori is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a passion for leadership and a commitment to driving innovation and growth in the business world. Victori holds an Executive MBA from Jacksonville  University, and also studied international business abroad in Prague.


Victori brings a unique blend of strategic thinking and hands-on experience to the table. With a track record of success in construction, vacation rentals, Airbnb hosting and retail real estate sales, Victori has consistently demonstrated the ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver results.    

Victori's robust skillset is complemented by a strong analytical mindset and a deep understanding of global business trends. Victori is dedicated to continuous learning and is known for their collaborative approach, fostering a culture of excellence wherever they go. Whether it's developing innovative strategies, managing high-performing teams, or driving bottom-line results, Victori is a visionary leader who is poised to make a lasting impact in the business world.


Having a son in United States Airforce, Victori handles veteran clients with special care. Victori was born in the midwest and spent childhood in California, but is confident that Florida feels most like home. Some of Victori’s hobbies are: live broadcasting, karaoke, dance, and cooking. 

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